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Our expertise on state-of-the-art development methodologies, blended with our deep industry knowledge and back-office expertise, give us a unique and clear leg up on our competition. We hit the ground running on every project to not only create value within your start-up or enterprise organization, but maximize that value for long-term growth and profitability.

Consulting Group International FinTech Software
Consulting Group International Business Strategy

FinTech Software + Technology

Whether you are looking to jump-start a development project or build out a custom, enterprise technology solution, we deliver the technical expertise and industry know-how to meet the unique needs of your organization on a project basis or on-demand staff augmentation basis. Our software and technology services include:

  • Enterprise Web Application Development across various complexity levels and integration requirements, from in-house to third party systems

  • Advanced Web Development integrating user experience (UX) methodologies, content management, and data integration for feature-rich web-based solutions 

  • Mobile Application Development implementing native mobile designs to deliver your web solutions across a single, unified software platform

Business Strategy + Operations

Whether you are looking for a full business stagey or just a review of your existing strategy, we can put our expertise to work for you. With our experience of taking companies from $0 to $40M+ in revenue, we can help you chart and navigate your way to success. Our offerings include:

  • Strategic Consulting to help you develop and/or refine your Business Plan, market positions, Sales & Business development approaches, competitive analysis as well as product pricing.

  • Business Operations Services to review current operations structure in finance and technology and provide a gap analysis as compared to industry standards and best practices and help implement recommendations as needed.

  • Capital Raising Services that identify key potential institutional investors based on business model, make the necessary introductions, book meetings and assist in moving the process forward toward an eventual investment.

Consulting Group International Technology Business Due Diligence

Technology & Business Due Diligence

Whether you are looking to buy or invest in a new FinTech company, we can custom tailor a Due Diligence process for you in order to help you make a better informed decision. Our offerings include:

  • Business Operations Review of all, non-financial and non-technology, key aspects of the of the business operations from organizational structure, client support, account management, product management,human resources as well as sale & marketing. Issue a comprehensive report as to potential areas of risk and/or structural deficiencies.

  • Financial Operations Review of all key aspects of the financial operations from budgeting, bookkeeping, account payable/receivable, billing, financial controls, cash management, banking relationships, debt facilities, client contracts, major vendors contract and liability insurance coverage. Issue a comprehensive reports of the findings and any potential areas of risk and/or structural deficiencies.

  • Technology Review of all key aspects of technology from software, including code review, to technology infrastructure as well as the technology organization. The comprehensive review focuses on key areas such software code structure and architecture, use of third party technology, data and system security, technology infrastructure redundancy and disaster recovery. Issue a comprehensive reports of the findings and any potential areas of risk and/or structural deficiencies.

Our Approach

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